This African Tale


The tale
Of an African
Not to be cast aside

The emotion in the narrative
A tiny window
Into an ocean soul

A tale
Of wooly hair
Hidden, tortured to conform

A tale
Of child and a lantern
Enlightenment not impeded by darkness

A tale
Of million acres of land
Elephants stomp over the grassy expanse

A tale
Of colour
Not about colour

A tale
Of man, his odds
Everything in-between

A tale
Of ancestors and grudges
Bushes overgrown on the path of promise

A tale
Of strange beliefs
Fuelled by folklore

A tale
Of an artist’s masterpiece
Hidden in plain sight; yet unseen

A tale
Of chains and padlocks
Then men who dared dream

The tale
Of an African
Man and his fear of differences;

This tale took a turn
Long, long ago

This tale has endured
Still shakes off murky waters

This African tale
Remains unfinished