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They asked why we are no more

How could I let you go?

Said we were peas in a pod


How do I explain

That I cannot be loved

That at first our love was beauty

But like always I got tired of that beauty

And drained it

With insane jealousy


Lies and deceit


How do I explain

That me

With my mocha skin

Curvaceous body

And the face of an angel

Am not worthy of you

Or anyone

Hence, I abuse love


How do I explain

That I am damaged

Cannot be fixed

Or nurtured

And can only self-heal


So I say you cheated

I say I left you

Because you hurt me

My usual excuse


They always ask

I fear that they do know the answer

But refuse to believe


I’ll stick to my story

Because my truth isn’t pretty enough

The Versatile Blogger Award


It seems May is my month. But I Smile Anyway’s Ritu just nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much Ritu! Her blog is amazing. It has a range of cool stuff like funny things her pupils say in class, her highlights of motherhood and updates about her cat. You should head over there as soon as you’re done reading this.

The Versatile Blogger Award rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
2. Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
3. Next, select blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
4. Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link back to the post on your site announcing their nomination.
5. Finally, tell the person who nominated you, seven facts about you

I had to think for  while to get my 7 facts. Here they are:

1. I have mood swings sometimes. I can go from 0 to 100 real quick but it is never without reason. Movies tend to make me happy. As such, I have selected The Chef as my special happy movie for when someone pisses me off or I’m just not feeling too good.

2. I have a quiet love for t-shirts. Right now, I have a sorry collection but that’ll change sometime soon. I’m a sucker for graphic tees especially and anyone who rocks ’em.

3. I have very good self-control. I’m purposely slow to react most times because I don’t like to do rash things. Its awesome to be in control of myself and not go off at the slightest provocation.

4. I’m an outgoing introvert. That basically means that I can switch up depending on the situation. Many people who don’t know me well might easily conclude that I’m not an extrovert because I can talk up a storm, easily. As far as the other participant(s) in the conversation is/are as invested as I am and I am comfortable. I’d much rather stay indoors anyday.

5. I’m vertically challenged and proud of it! There’s occasional short people banter on Twitter and I just find it funny. I’m about 5’3 and very comfortable with it. This may have something to do with the fact that I don’t go out much and as a result, don’t meet tons of tall people.

6. I enjoy friendship without everyday communication. I like rich e-conversations and interesting phone calls that last an hour and some. That can’t be as nice if we talk everyday, in my opinion. So, I like spaced out correspondence. I also don’t mind not knowing every little thing about my friend. We all have our private stuff and I respect that.

7. I may get down once in a while but I’m positivity! I never quit looking on the bright side of things. In a world where many things are out to get us, positivity is important. We’re built to last, baby 😉

My nominees are:

Stumbling For Balance


For The Soul

Outside The Coffee Cup

No Plain Janie

Suburban Hobo

Please don’t feel obliged to accept. If you do, let me know, so I can read your facts too!

We Are


I grew up in a pool house
Far away from here

My mother
The maid of the main house
Kept our home spotless
My room always ‘cleaned up’
Me, always furious
Because I liked my junk

Why do we always have to clean?
Why can’t I put posters up?
My teenage self
Mouth full of questions

My friends would ask
Why is your brother dark?
I lied
Said I did not know

How do I explain that my mother was jilted twice?
First by a black man
Her first act of rebellion
Against her snobby white parents
The result, Jamal
We all call him Jay

The Father-Daughter dance
Jay went with me
People whispered
Snickered as we danced past
With head held high, he paid no attention

His father’s gift to him
I suppose
Our mother is no brave woman

Make no mistake
She has her virtues
Her hard-work
Her unconditional love
Her efforts to give us the best

She’s proud now
Of what Jay and I have become
The best gifts she gave
Constant reminder that we are not our fathers
That we could muddle through tough times
That we are who we choose to be
And we are.

Tell Me

What do you tell a mother who finds her child dead in a pool of blood?
That you’re sorry for her loss?
Or will the words fail you
As you find yourself holding her
Will her tears haunt you because that blood was shed by your hands?
Or will you be indifferent as you search for the next child?
The next mother to hold
Because her pain is the only joy life affords you

Do you remember the first one?
About a year after your own loss
When therapy seemed to have started working
Or so everyone else thought
Do they suspect that you found a relief?
Much more different from simply sharing your angst
In taking from others
The same love that you lost

Will you ever stop?
Maybe commit suicide
Permanently end the throbbing pain
That even those small sickening moments of elation can’t seem to stop
Or will you have your grandchildren over for summer sometime
The off springs of the lost love of your life
And contemplate doing to them as you’ve done those other young ones
When the evil finally consumes you

Tell me
How do you feel?
Before, during and after
Do you worry about being caught?
Are you always careful?
When you look in the mirror
Is it a monster you see?
Is it the monster I see in you that you see?

Liebster Award

This is my blog’s first ever award nomination so I’m completely stoked! It came as a surprise so I might have to change my opinion about surprises being annoying. This is a wonderful one and the best way to start the new month. I can only hope it gets better from here on out.


I would like to say a huge Thank You to Outside the Coffee Cup’s Kirsty for nominating me for the Liebster Award. Her blog is fun to read and her tagline says ‘dreamer’ which has me liking her even more. So, I’m proudly recommending her blog to you because it will surely spice up your reader.

I’ll proceed to answer her questions now. Here goes 🙂

1. Would you rather be able to fly or be able to turn invisible? And why? I would rather be able to turn invisible. I imagine that a flying human would cause a scene and attract too much attention while one with the ability to turn invisible has a choice of whether or not to share that ‘gift’. I like to be under the radar so the latter is a much preferred option.

2. Do you prefer Spring or Autumn? And why? I’m a Nigerian, born and bred. I complain a lot about the heat in Nigeria and I constantly make remarks about loving the cold. However, I still prefer the warmth of Spring to the Autumn cold.

3. If you could meet someone past or present, famous or not, who would it be? It would have to be God. Sometimes, I wonder about the many mysteries of our lives and like many of us, I have about a million questions I want to ask. This is my answer because I don’t imagine meeting say, Sidney Sheldon would have as much of an effect on me.

4. Where is your favourite place to be? And why? Home. Lagos, Nigeria. It’s my base, all I knew for my first 16 years of life so I don’t think anywhere could be as comfortable. It is not luxurious and I don’t always get along with my parents and siblings but I’ve still had more happy days at home than anywhere else.

5. Are you happy with your life or would you change it? I am happy with my life. It’s not always awesome and I’m not always grateful for all I have but its a pretty cool life. Could use a new phone though. Just saying.

6.  Someone comes up to you and gives you £10 ($10) what do you spend it on? For nothing? Suspicious. Anyway, I’d probably buy a T-shirt. I really like tees.

7.  Who is your dream guy or girl? And why? I can’t think of anyone that is my dream guy. I doubt that I’ve even met anyone I consider to be that but I’ll be sure to update this when that happens. 😉

8. Do you believe in Ghosts? And why? Errrr….. Up until now, I had never given this a thought but I think not. I don’t believe in ghosts.

9. If you could be any Superhero who would it be? And why? It is with sadness that I inform you all that I have not seen any superhero movies or cartoons except The Dark Knight Rises. I’m sorry if because of this, anyone feels the need to stop following my blog or stop reading my work. I can’t give a good explanation of why this happened but it did. So, from my extremely limited experience it has to be Catwoman! Anne Hathaway looked awesome.

10.  What is your favourite song? Autumn Leaves – Chris Brown featuring Kendrick Lamar. I really really like Kendrick’s verse on this.

These are the rules of the Award:

  • Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you
  • Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post too.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers who you feel are worthy of this award. Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. You can also nominate the person who nominated you.
  • Ensure all of these bloggers have less than 200 followers.
  •  Answer the ten questions asked to you by the person who nominated you, and make ten questions of your own for your nominees.
  •  Lastly, COPY these rules in the post.


Now its my turn to ask questions
1. What’s the worst movies you’ve ever seen and why?
2. Do you believe in predestination?
3. What is/are your reason(s) for writing?
4. Have you ever done something just to infuriate someone? Care to share the story?
5. What is your favourite genre of fiction and why?
6. Have you ever travelled on a whim?
7. What do you wish people knew about you?
8. What is your passion in life?
9. Is there anyone in your life you want to be a better person for?
10. If given all you needed, what would you rather be doing right now?

Nominating bloggers with less than 200 followers was not very easy but I found you and have nominated every one of you because I enjoy reading your blog posts. Your work is very much appreciated! In no particular order:

Arts and Africa










Congratulations to all of you!!!

Why We Never Take Our Shoes Off.

I love this. The simplicity of it even though it conveys big emotions.

Bianca Mazziotti's Blog

I didn’t know whether to rip your clothes off or run the other way. I thought it would be easier if I didn’t stay. However the passion for you still burns as bright as the day we met under the light of the falling summer sun.

I keep my distance now because I see the lust in your eyes glaring at me, almost daring me to run over and kiss you. I know that you know I never say no to a dare so one of these days I might forget where I am, or all of a sudden not care who is watching and plant a big one where I know you want it, right on your full lips. The lips I’ve been dreaming of for months.

But it’s not that easy for us. We have a like/hate relationship. Like I can’t stop thinking about you so come here…

View original post 356 more words

Guest posting

Hello, blogging world! It seems I have a lot of catching up to do as my reader looks very unfamiliar today.

In lieu of that, I have brought you links to my two recent guest posts. The first was for Look Through My Lens, a blog you’ll enjoy checking out. The author, Michelle is very pleasant and penciled my work in without hassle. She has a guest posting menu on her blog so you check it out if you’re interested in being her guest. The post I sent her was an article on what I learnt about succeeding in life from the X Factor UK Finals. You can find it here.

The second was for The Koterie, a group blog that I have contributed to a few times before. The post just got published today and it is a poem titled Of life and dreams. The poem gives a little insight into why I chose my blog name and has a dab of fiction.

I’m off to see what everyone has been up to. Enjoy reading!

P.S: Feedback is always welcome.

The Day Dreamer