You only live once.


We all see this differently. For some, it means that they should live life to the fullest. They’re the ones who opt to go first when a new adventure is suggested. The ones who move out when their parents lay down ultimatums they can’t live with. The ones who have tried it all just for the hell of it. They know that life is short and that tomorrow is a game of chance so they go in head first. The live by any modified version of ‘Carpe diem’. They realise that others call them reckless and are aware that their ‘recklessness’ may very well be the end of them. No, I can’t conclude that they accept this fact fearlessly as not many people are fearless in the face of death. Despite being aware of the dangers of what they do, they reckon that it is worth it to have lived a life full of thrills. ‘We’ll all die anyway’.

Then, there are those who don’t subscribe to doing it all and seeing it all as quickly as possible. They rationalise that living a good, decent life and taking decisions carefully matters a lot. The unpredictability of their life span doesn’t hasten them. They take their time with life. They are usually the people who the majority get a kick out of convincing, even though they’re clearly winning without them. They like to savour the things they decide to do. They live in the moment and mostly don’t have the itch to try something new. They’d rather have three long satisfying moments than nine short ’speed-of-light’ ones.

On the other hand, they stay the longest on crappy jobs. ‘I don’t have any better job prospects so I’ll stick with this’. Mr. A (of the first group) is more likely to quit, go backpacking for a year and leisurely find a job during that period. Mr. B (second group) would frown at that suggestion and thinks job security is everything. Spontaneity is not Mr. B’s forte but he does secretly admire Mr. A’s boldness when he’s not commenting on the childishness of Mr A’s ways.

Said Mr. B to Mr. A

Said Mr. B to Mr. A

So, are you Mr A or Mr B? A disproportionate mix maybe?