I hate exercise. Always have. Even more so now because of what happened. I was sitting in the interrogation room in my relatively new workout clothes and wondering what was happening on the other side of the two-way mirror. I did that for about 5 minutes before the detective decided to grace me with his presence. I rolled my eyes internally because I had seen enough TV shows to know that whatever he was reading so intently was not important. Give me some credit.

He sat. I sat up.

“Miss Lesi. Thanks for waiting.”

Not like I had a choice.

“I figured it’s the least I could do.”

“Can you explain how you found the body?”

“I thought you were going to slowly lead up to that but okay. I was running or attempting to run when I saw the bling so I moved closer. I called 911 when I saw her.”

“Do you usually attempt to run in this neighbourhood?”

“Umm no but I’m trying to lose a couple of pounds and gym subscriptions around here cost too much. So…”

“So… you’ve never gone running around here before?”

“Well, yes but only once.”

He nodded his head and scribbled something. I was starting to feel a bit daft at that point but once before certainly didn’t qualify as a usual occurrence.

“Did you see anything suspicious during today’s run?”

“No, but I was distracted. I had my earphones in and was trying to focus on my breathing.”

More like panting but no one needs to know.

“Okay. Well, here’s my card. If you remember anything – anything at all – give me a call.”

“Won’t you tell me to stay in town?”

“Damn TV.”

He said this with a smile which suggested that he wasn’t annoyed with them for giving up all his best tricks. It would have been enough to make me swoon if I wasn’t trying very hard to hide how shaken I was by the fact that earlier today, I had witnessed a murder.


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