There is not much I ask for in a woman but that she can cook, clean and give me strong children. That Lizzy, for all her beauty and brains, is practically useless to me.


Children? Obioma, you better be specific. We don’t know if angels are passing by.


Of course, children. What do you mean?


Sons first, then daughters. If not, you’ll end up like Mike with 6 daughters and counting.


And that is a bad thing?


Surely, you jest. What good is it to have children but not be able to teach them about engines and share your love for football with them? You raise them and then send them off to take care of some man and bear his children. A waste if you ask me.


Is there a law against teaching my daughters about engines and sharing my love for football with them?

Obioma chuckles

 You, my friend, are such a funny man.


One thought on “08/03/2017


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