Still My Baby

Little one

Can you not grow so quickly?

So that you may continue to fit

In the crook of my arms

Where you are most safe


Your first word said

I watched; proud

But as I remember

Despair courses through me

Because I know this world

For the chameleon it can be


Your first steps taken

Just as you will step into high school

Emotions in a knot

My arms held out

Should you become a target for bullies

Have some teacher put you down

Get your innocent heart broken

By a teenage boy

Who knows nothing of how to handle your affection



You can now ride a bike

I fear that I have

Taught you something sinister

As you may ride a different one

Sometime in the future

When I become overprotective

And you say –

I’m 17! You can’t keep bossing me around

I shudder to think

You will pedal hastily away from me

Leaving me guilty

Of being too hard on you

Or giving you the means

To run from me


My greatest fear

One so wrong and selfish

Is of you

Becoming a strong woman

One who does not need me


Little one

Why can’t you stay little forever?


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