Our Love Is War

I am exhausted
From the yelling matches
How you seem to think you’re winning
Even when you don’t make any sense
Like right now.
I’m especially mad
That you expect me to give it all up for you

You know what saddens me?
I did try
I stopped being picky
Went with the flow
Didn’t think of all the differences
Letting you convince me that it doesn’t matter
It seems you lied

We’ve thrown glasses
Aimed at each other
Made up passionately
Swept it under the rug
Tried arguing in dangerously calm tones
But it appears we’re a lost cause
Since we keep coming full circle

The time wasted
That can never be regained
I had just about checked The One off my list
Because we are damned good together
I complete you.
As our differences drown us, I wonder
Why is our love not enough?


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