The Dark Side

Delectable, let us play a game

We’ll hide our hearts

So our sleeves are light

Then easier becomes the undressing

Because, in truth, I just want the pleasure

I get the rest of it from my Mrs

I do mean that as a compliment

She crawls into bed late at night

Having spent so long getting ready

Does she not know spontaneity is half the fun?

I turn my back and think of you

So will you play my game?

Oblige me, darling.

Give me something to dream of

When I lay with my baby maker

Just do as I say

You’re half my age?

Can’t you see my body doesn’t care?

This is our magic

She could never get that out of me

Stiff as a board

Oh, you like board games?

I think we’d do best if we talked less

Walk with me on the dark side

Will you?


12 thoughts on “The Dark Side

      1. Actually, my first name is Pamela and my last name is Beverly so people mess it up all the time. Never got Jacqueline out of it, though, LOL! Or is that your name? I’m horrible at writing poems so I really respect those of you that can.

        Liked by 1 person


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