I don’t believe in love.

I used to. I was young and gullible and he was handsome. Extremely charming too. So much so that I was always wondering why he chose me, of all the girls around. I am not blessed with a womanly body. I am certainly not beautiful. You couldn’t call me ugly either. I walk the fine line in between until the beholder decides.

He said he liked that I was exactly two hands full. Literally. It made me blush and giggle. I didn’t know I could make such a sound. It seemed foreign. Like I was listening to someone else. The pain will be gone in a flash. He was right. I think that’s the only truth he ever told.

I would dream of him while I helped Mama cook, silently wishing the clock would follow my instructions. Why will your hands not move now but pass so quickly later?

We would meet at the uncompleted building. Two streets down, a left then an immediate right. I thought Mama could see right through me every time I volunteered to go to the market but I told caution to wait a while.

It was a dream. He would read me poems he had written for me. I only understood a little English. Couldn’t read a word of what he wrote in his little brown note but I felt it. Oh I felt it! The way he would drag out a word, causing me to lose my breath. He promised to teach me how to read, then solve arithmetic. He said I’d begin to talk like an English woman.

So many empty promises, fiery looks and probing touches.

I rubbed our hidden creation. It might have been as beautiful as he.

I tightened the noose around my neck and kicked Mama’s favourite stool.


6 thoughts on “22.03.15

  1. Short, Precise, imaginative, nice choice of words, enjoyed it thoroughly, keep it up
    But must you kill, aren’t you affected by the stain of the character’s blood on your hands? all these writers sef..LOL

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Disappointment somehow is a great inspiration for writing.
    I discovered that too.
    Men can be cruel to a heart. Just break it! .. Maybe that’s what they consider some kind of sport or competition.

    Sooooo…. I found your blog because I am curious and unintentionally visitied Lily’s blog https://lilypupslife.wordpress.com/

    You have a very authentic writing style and true feeling dripping from your sentences. That’s just how I love writing to be: truly felt.
    And to add something: I am really a fan of your blog’s name! (Which is the major reason for me having been so curious) It’s somewhat comical, slightly sarcastic and shows a character who can – and maybe wants – to fight for dreams.

    Keep going!
    You are doing great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re right about disappointment. I’ve yet to experience heartbreak first hand but it’s really fun to live through characters.

      Lily’s is doing a wonderful thing by having blogger’s connect this way. You and her have made my day.

      I’m so glad you felt the writing which is exactly what I was going for. About the blog name, I recently changed it so i’m psyched that you like it! It’s all part of my taking blogging more seriously so your comment came at an absolutely perfect time. Thank You for taking the time 🙂



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