Oh how I love hunting on campus grounds! I’ve been waiting all week for today. So many young, naïve girls stay here. The proximity to where I like to finish them off is another perk. City bitches, on the other hand, are feisty. With their knowledge of jiu jitsu and speed with pepper spray cans. I prefer the trusting types. To be fair, I always give them a chance to make their case before I start my art. The tears, stuttering, endless begging and the offer of great sex as a last resort. Extremely orgasmic! I would never touch them that way though. My tastes don’t run in that direction. A damned shame.

Tonight, I’ll start with campus clubs. I want to work for it a little. Maybe someone hard to get to. One of those privileged princesses. Who will be my next curvy brunette?

“Guuurl, I can’t believe you are celebrating your birthday one week early.”

“You know me, Tee. I like to keep it fresh.”

“Well, get your fresh ass out the door. Time to turn up!”

Tee is probably the only one who can get away with speaking to me like that. We’ve been best friends since college. What she doesn’t know is that this was dad’s idea. Not that it matters.

She starts pumping her fist as we make our way to the club. Salvation is known for monster parties and I am trusting the DJ not to disappoint me. We get there in two minutes. God how I love the ease of living on campus! The place is packed!

All forms of birthday wishes are being thrown at me as I make my way to the VIP section. The catcalls still make me blush and my new pair of Manolo Blahniks heels hurt but this never gets old. I’m Queen Cass and I am the life of the party.

Well, well… I am putting myself on the map tonight! I found me a prey and it is his reckless daughter. The Queen herself. I’m itching to send him a message for being so slow to find me. Let’s see how regal his baby is when I use her blood to give her a pedicure. First of all, I need to attract her attention. Heard daddy’s girl can dance. Time to test the rumour.

“Tee! Who is that on the floor?”

“Oh he’s just one of the invisibles but I see what you mean. He does know how to move and he is showing off for you, my queen.”

She makes a hilarious attempt at curtsying and I smack her playfully.

“Let me go teach that boy a few lessons. Keep my babies,” I say as I take off my shoes, hand them to her and head to the dance floor.

I think Tee muttered something about being careful but I don’t care. I’m in the zone. Let’s see what you got, unknown boy. 

Worked like a charm! The queen and I are on our way to my place. We’ve had a few drinks. She figures I owe her for out dancing her at her own party. I believe her words were, “you have to make up for that.” I will make up alright. We talk a little and let the ‘sexual’ tension dance around us as we walk to my place. She’s looking forward to the sex and I’m anticipating the begging et al. I steal a glance at her great legs. Expensive shoes. I would keep them but this has to be squeaky clean.

We finally get to my kill room and she goes straight for the bed. I let her take the lead. I figure she’s used to it. Let her think she’s in control. We start making out. I’m imagining her as someone else so she can feel the reaction she expects. I reach for the bedside cabinet as if for a condom and I lunge the syringe into her side. She becomes limp and just as I begin to get out from under her, a horde of cops burst in. They know who I am and I just want to roar. She was number 20. You see, I like round figures so I do as I’m told. Everyone will talk about my work for some months and that’s good enough. I’ll be back.

Cass is coming to. So glad I suggested that they search his place earlier before putting the bugs in. Admittedly, the syringe was a lucky break. Switching it out as command instructed: genius!

Cass is not just my best friend. She is my job.


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