Six Feet Under

I’m incapable of smiling
All I feel; PAIN
So deeply, my vessels throb
Sadness is my muse
Who is that?

I could reach for the stars
Pull the solar system down to eyelevel, I could!
But I’m exhausted
As i live on hate
Because the colors seeped out long ago
All I see; hues of pale gray…

I could set a goal
But that’d imply that i still have some faith
Where there’s a will there’s a way?
Oh please! Been there, loathed that.
Everytime I tried, I lost
All I was, I no longer can be

The grass is neither green here, nor there
The path looks free now
Looking closer, its not
I don’t want illumination
It’ll be lost on me
Like a colorful room to the blind

So I walk around, hit three vertices
Ricocheted into this dark centre; my mini-Bermuda
Waiting for the finale, patiently
As I drift off into the END all I think is “what the heck happened to me?”



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