The Struggle

Inspired by the everyday David-Goliath struggle that goes on in every aspect of our world. This recurring tug-of-war made me put the poem below together. Rhyme isn’t really my thing but I tried making it work.

Let us speak in hushed voices so as not to provoke them
Never going against the rules they set for every mistake we make, they wait to condemn
Our ears always tuned in for fear of what might come if we are caught in a place where we aren’t sent
The memories of our unhinged pasts have served as enough deterrent
Now we must embrace the lack of freedom, and silently mourn that loss
If not, those behemoths shall rise against us

Some with more heads than our whole clan put together and evil magic that could easily turn us to toast
Ugly and destructive as sin, they shall strike us at the places where we’ll hurt the most
We’ll stand no chance so flit we will in our tattered garments looking like hinds
Squaring away the pain throbbing in our little feet and boxing it up in our minds
“Run!!!” We scream at one another for if they capture one of us we’ll all lose our gall
Our loyalty is our best and worst trait, making us never leave anyone to be punished for all

So we flee quickly, never looking back, praying that we don’t get destroyed by our woes
The young and old, invalids and convalescents, male and female, friends and foes
The victory of one is for all as the doom of one is for each and every
Reason why we stay where we are and do as we’re told even as we grow weary
At least then we will continue to breathe in air, one of our most precious belongings
Never daring to go against The Shadows as we are only earthlings
But one day when we’re strong and are prepared to fight till death, we’ll pursue victory
By God, we shall either win or die trying. Either ways we’ll certainly make history.


4 thoughts on “The Struggle

  1. Your poem tells a lot about the helpless of the masses to the domination of the few in power. They do not have the might to challenge the behemoths, they rather run as they cherish their lives more. The ending lines seem to motivate them to fight back, however, they are not sure of victory but they believe when they are strong enough, they get victory or die trying.



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