Hi! I’ve been thinking about doing this alphabet thing for awhile but i just got my head into it. It was inspired by the American series – Revenge.

As I saunter down the familiar lane we call Memory

Bringing with me a bottle of whiskey for the pain that’ll come

Cuddling it for it only can provide the semblance of solace that I’ll need

Daring not forget everything that has been lined carefully on the lane in chronological order

Easily reminding me of what I shall do; avenge the loss of my happiness

For every image from the past torments me and feeds me blinding rage till I can no longer stomach it

Giving me a reason to hunt down the mere mortals who handed me my cruel fate

Have they not enjoyed enough in thinking me harmless?

I think its time they reap the thorns from the seeds of their infamy, which will tear them up

Joy for me doesn’t involve absolution of their sins. That is only possible if I’m not of the living

Kindness refused to lend me a token before and I will reciprocate now

Leaving them the way varmints like them ought to be left; completely dead

Maybe this seems wicked but I must also ensure that they feel pain in every pore of their ‘skin’

Never knowing peace until I’m done with my gift to them. Jamas!

Opening their mouths to beg without ability to form speech. That oughta be hilarious.

Precious are the thoughts of my payback as I walk down this lane of sorrow

Queuing up the step by step guide in my head and laughing while amusement is the last thing I can think of

Revenge!!! It rings like a bell in the halls of my mind

Slowly at first but swiftly later with speed that almost rivals that of light

Thankfully, it doesn’t because that could rid me of the sanity I need to pursue the task at hand

Ultimately causing my ruination since this is all I have left

Venomous mind willing to do anything to get back at them

Whilst wary of the consequences this may bring, I hope God grants me a heart that can forgive all. Or

X-ray my soul and fix the broken bits and pieces that I may live freely sans my revenge plan

Young and living not just young and alive

Zzzzzzz… Off to sleep now, lets hope I wake up without revenge in mind.


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