I’m So Done

If you weep now and for ages to come
Naught will it change
For my own tears are spent
Spent on you who least valued it. Heck you hardly noticed.
You who betrayed my trust time and over; every time worse than the last

“Your unconditional love has opened my eyes,” you proclaim
I say please stay blind for that love is long gone
I’m better now, free of that weight that held me down
That you’d think I could be so stupid again
Tells how little you think of me
It tells me how wise you think I am…… Not wise at all

Do you know how many times I cried to sleep?
Yet another I’d see you with
I even became an excellent liar to those who cared
Enough that I saw them thinking, “Yeah right”
I perfected the act of “stupid in love” but no Oscar, just a numb heart

Once you said, “Twas nothing, babe. I was drunk.”
Well now I’m in a drunken stupor of clarity
My empty bottle should be reduced to shards for giving you scars
To remind you what you allowed slip from your grasp that will be yours, never!
I just hope the scars don’t outgrow the void in your life.
And if they do, take it as my gift to you.
Bridge burnt, you can’t cross no more. Enjoy the cold arduous swim to shore


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