I’m Oliveira Twist; I Want More

I fear satisfaction

because that’ll mean my end is near

My life revolves around wanting
No! Needing to have more
More material things? Heck no!

I only crave the ability to touch my society positively
To give endlessly because i feel guilty for the privilege i’ve had
the one others have only sought

The earthly things matter not
Fire could singe them in no time
water, engulf them in an eye’s blink

But knowledge and empowerment embodied in one generation
Lives to live again

The smile i can help put on the face of the dying
a promise that impending departure from earth
quick or slow, awful or peaceful
is not a sorrow but a ‘see you soon’
More of that i pray for.

Not to waste my time squandering money
that even though i earned
makes more sense being spent on the budding generation
Or even those who equally deserve the privilege
the one others like me abuse

Thinking life equals fun
chanting YOLO as a reply to every rebuke
What a shame!

I’m grateful to none but my creator
that the more i crave
is infact for a better cause

Not to line my garments with diamond
or to wine and dine with ‘the powers that be’
but to give a heart of gold
to those that love, riches and peace of mind have fled from
even before they understood their definitions.

I want more
That is what drives me to success

I need more
But until i do get what i want,
i’ll bear in mind my reason for chasing success madly

For that day that i’ll need to remember,
that riches will blind me not
So that finally when i have my more,
i’ll do right by it
Never forgetting why God has given me more.


9 thoughts on “I’m Oliveira Twist; I Want More

  1. Lovely write up. Though, I don't agree with this statement. "Well, everyone wants to be successful for the three main reasons; the money, the fame and the life! Its all good."I don't want to be successful for any of those reasons.



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