Love Gone Bad?

This poem was edited and beaten into shape by @Overlordnoni. I was inspired to write after watching Madea’s Family Reunion 2 by the famous Tyler Perry. It is just so sad that women who get abused accept apologies they know all too well as untrue and go back to their abusers.

With calloused hands, he roughly held mine.
Jarring pain flooded my wrists.
His eyes glazed, was blood red.
It seemed he had been drinking again.

When he finally let his hand down.
Countless Scars littered my face
Hurt, i threatened to leave town.
Warning him not to give chase.

My mom says its just a phase.
“Worry not Honey, it’ll surely pass.”
Now i’m torn, defeated and left in a maze.
So confused, I feel like such an ass!

Mom is blinded by the money he’s got.
So she sees me and my bruises not.
These days, her face is in glee cast.
Her dream is come true…but this fairytale isn’t mine.

Sometimes I think he loves me.
And maybe it’s the alcohol that makes him forget.
My friends keep saying “He hasn’t killed you yet?”
But now i’m just tired, at my wits’ very end.

He says “Only death can take you from me or keep us apart”.
I’m ready to fight, keeping mute has helped me not.
I don’t care if i break his heart.
He’s had a field day shattering mine.


4 thoughts on “Love Gone Bad?

  1. Nice piece Arin. Som men find nothin wrong in beatin up their wives and som women don't do anytin abt it. They simply endure d pain lyk that! It's sad.



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